With a BA in Psychology and Sociology and an MS in Counseling, Jamie brings a holistic family systems framework, understanding that many forces are at play when it comes to school choice. This student and family-centered approach, combined with her many years of experience and deep connections in education, admission, and placement, make her uniquely qualified to engage in this gratifying work.

Each family is unique and has different needs. With this understanding, the spring before admission season is the ideal time to begin strategizing on school placement. Through an in-depth family intake of goals, aspirations, and geographic preferences, we will chart a course together from the start.  Getting to know your child is a critical part of our early work so we can reflect back on family goals and adjust as necessary to match programs and philosophy to your child's needs.  In the fall, we will be in regular contact as you visit schools, sign up for interviews, and submit information to schools. When winter comes, and it is time for notifications, we will strategize ahead of time and explore all possible outcomes. Until you enroll, we will work side-by-side to ultimately envision and realize the best possible placement. With indoor/outdoor locations in Pacific Heights and Corte Madera, as well as flexible online meeting options, finding time to connect is easy.

Whether you are looking for a preschool to set the stage, an elementary school to build a foundation, or a high school to launch your teen, Jamie will help you navigate every step of the journey and find your walking feet.