Jamie knows the admission and high school placement world inside and out, after having spent her entire career supporting families through these processes. She has made strong, trusting connections in the Independent School world, and will be an asset to any family making their way through this complicated terrain. Jamie is a highly creative, energetic, and vibrant personality who will put her best foot forward in every situation. Families who choose to work with Jamie will receive excellent insight and support from her!  


- Katherine Dinh, Head of School, Marin Country Day School (former Head of School at Prospect Sierra School)

Working with Jamie brings back many happy memories of the wonderful advice we received back in 8th Grade vis-a-vis our two sons' high school choices and their decision to attend UHS. Both boys are thriving and we couldn't be happier as parents. After UHS our older son attended Washington University in St. Louis which turned out to be the perfect fit for him and he currently works as a Software Engineer at WhatsApp. Our younger son is a junior at Carleton College and is having an excellent experience academically and athletically. UHS prepared them well for college. Jamie served as a catalyst at the beginning of this growth for our boys and we are grateful for the insight and expertise she brought to the process.


- Chris D, Parent from San Francisco

Jamie Moffet is unique in her admission and placement experience. She understands the preschool, elementary, and high school placement process. I have never worked with an admission specialist who knows this wide spectrum of ages. More importantly, Jamie understands the joys and worries of parents throughout these developmental stages. One cannot find a more devoted, experienced, innovative, and knowledgeable professional. She understands placement, the admission process and is known to be a leader amongst her peers. They seek her guidance throughout their own professional journey and cherish her oral and written presentations as they grow as professionals.

- Lucinda Lee Katz, Ph.D.  Retired Principal and Head of School The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, 1985-2002, Marin Country Day School, 2004-2018

Both my son and my daughter worked closely with Jamie throughout their high school placements. The Bay Area has many great schools and finding a good fit for a child can be extremely challenging and overwhelming. Jamie made this easy for our family. Not only did she assist with the research and the application process; she asked the right questions to find the perfect schools for my son and daughter. Jamie cared deeply about my children, was thorough, and followed through every step of the way.  My son recently graduated from Dartmouth and my daughter is in her third year at Middlebury. Their life courses have been unique and looking back on their time with Jamie, I truly believe that her wisdom and guidance created a path for them to be successful. The role she played will have a lasting impact on their lives.

- Thom W, Parent from Marin County

Jamie is an incredible advocate for students and families. She takes the time to get to know you and to understand what is important to you. She also does her homework and goes beyond in her preparation so she can best support students and families through what can be challenging and stressful situations. She never lets anything fall through the cracks and her responsiveness is second to none.


- Matt Levinson, Head of School, Pingry School (former Head of Upper School at Marin Country Day School)

We absolutely loved working with Jamie throughout our daughter's high school search and application process.  She is unbelievably knowledgeable with regard to the various Bay Area independent schools and was always there for us, no matter how big or small the question.  Jamie really listened, got to know our family, and helped our daughter find the right fit.   Her warmth, calm demeanor, and expert advice guided us through a potentially stressful process.  We cannot recommend Jamie more highly!

- Erica D, Parent from Marin County

Both my son and daughter benefitted from Jamie’s expertise and guidance during their high school search. Jamie is thoughtful and thorough with broad knowledge of Bay Area school choices. In a process that can be fraught with challenges and disappointments, Jamie helped both my children understand how to assess fit based on their hopes as well as our family’s criteria. She was clear in her communications and expectations around each student’s responsibilities as well. An all-around pleasure to work with!


- Janet C, Parent from Marin County

Not only is Jamie an impressive administrator and innovative admission director, but she has a unique gift for getting to know families, assessing their needs, and making a match that is mutually beneficial to both parties. 


- Lila Lohr, Interim Head of School: Town School For Boys, Katherine Delmar Burke, and Marin Country Day School